Direct Drive Extruder

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Simple Direct Drive Extruder

For the “extruder lever.STL it’s recommended to use support material. 

Printed in PET-G Carbon and Shifting Blue, 0.2 mm Resolution


Teflon tube holder upgrade 20-Feb-2018

This upgrade is about replacing the gland nut for tube holder clips. See pictures

Experimenting with these clips I can to the understanding that the diameter of the hole where the clip is placed in is very important. Because not all Teflon tubes are the same size the diameter of this hole can be different. The Teflon tubing I have is between 3 – 4 mm. So for me it works best that to bore out the hole with a 6.5mm. But I recommend to begin with 6mm. If that is too tight, bore 6.5mm and so on.

Design Files

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Extruder main body.stl
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Extruder lever.stl
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Extruder wartel holder.stl
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Extruder Teflon tube holder holder part2.stl
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Extruder Teflon tube holder holder.stl
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