LED base 3 x 3W

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This is a LED base for lamp shades. I needed a bigger one :-)

It has a red, green and blue 3W LED which can be adjusted from each other.

By adjusting the distance between them a different light effect can be created.

Also this may come in handy when using different sizes of lamp shades.

I also made a little set peace, because I had trouble keeping the red arms (LED holders) in place. The wire I used is not flexible enough :-).

I have two different kind of gray outer body’s. One with a bottom and one without. The one on the pictures is the one without a bottom.

*outer diameter is 148mm

Printed in gray and red ABS

If you are interested in making your own LED driver you may like:

https://pinshape.com/items/40366-3d-printed-adjustable-led-base &


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set peace.stl
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centre peace.stl
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LED holder.stl
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outer body with bottom.stl
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outer body.stl
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