Flowing Bird Tempel

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The Flowing Bird Tempel is a feeder for small Birds  :-)

I printed this in PLA 0.2mm resolution and 0.4mm nozzle. The roof.stl is printed with support material generated by Cura. After that I Super Glued the parts together. See the pictures to see how the parts will fit together. I first glued the “base” parts. Then the “roof” & “wedge” parts. I also glued the M4x45mm bolt in place already, because later on (when all parts are together) it will be very difficult to do this. As last step I glued the “roof” , “base” and all the white parts together.

To make this model you at least need:

1X M4x45mm bolt and nut

6X base.stl

6X entrance.stl

2X mount pin.stl

1X mount ring.stl

1X mount wedge.stl

2X mount.stl

6X pillar 2L.stl

6X pillar 2R.stl

6X pillar.stl

6X roof,stl

If you have any questions, feel free to ask :-)

Do you think I forgot something or made a mistake? Feel free to comment :-)

PS: the opening in the middle of the “base” is intensional. It's for letting the rain water out

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mount pin.stl
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mount ring.stl
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mount wedge.stl
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pillar 2L.stl
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