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Unearth amazing fossils and become a paleontologist with Dino Hunt fossil digging gamekit!

Try new material mixes for the rock, like dough or clay!

Replay anytime, unlike common fossil digging games.

No complicated mechanisms or assembly. Takes advantage of the pros of 3D printing, while avoiding cons.

For ages +4

Design Files

File Size

dino hunt_footprint.stl
415 KB
dino hunt_dino skull.stl
1.48 MB
dino hunt_rock mold.stl
382 KB
dino hunt_hammer.stl
488 KB
dino hunt_dino legs.stl
2.16 MB
dino hunt_dino body.stl
4.91 MB
dino hunt_dino tail.stl
3.14 MB
dino hunt_cincel.stl
190 KB
dino hunt_leaf fossil.stl
163 KB
dino hunt_trilobite fossil.stl
1.25 MB


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