​ K8200 Z axis modification

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The old Z axis setup was not reliable anymore and was skipping steps due to years of wear.

So I needed a new setup. Because I have changed almost everything on this printer a two motor Z axis would serve this printer better, I guess :-). Also it’s possible to have a longer travel on this new axis, using the same old rods that came with the printer.

You do need an extra stepper motor, 608 bearing, motor adapters and M8 treated rod for this to work.

For the Extruder please see: https://pinshape.com/items/43192-3d-printed-geared-extruder-2

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top z axis bracket right.stl
138 KB
moving bracket.stl
116 KB
end stop bracket.stl
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motor bracket left.stl
215 KB
motor bracket right.stl
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nut lock plate.stl
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top z axis bracket left.stl
138 KB


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