Compressed air turbine

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This is a simple turbine for compressed air for experimentation.  :-)

I have made two models. The first one you can see on the pictures. The axel is a 10mm diameter metal rod I turned down to 8mm on a lathe. But you can something else as an axel, for instance threated rod 8mm. For bearings this turbine has the 608Z (diameter 22mm,hole 8mm& thickness 7mm). For assembly see pictures.

It works very well and runs very fast, but at 8bar of pressure the air pushes the grease out of the bearings. Also it’s very important that the housing is fitted together very tight, otherwise the air will escape all over the place.  :-)

printed in PET-G res. 0.2mm

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housing buttom1.stl
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housing buttom2.stl
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housing top.stl
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housing top2.stl
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