Anet A6 Hot End Mod 3

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This is Hot End 3 for the Anet A6

I have more than one Anet and the others are only used for ABS and PET-G printing and not very useful for printing PLA. They have no fan for cooling the printed parts and the Heat break is closed in so no air flow will hit the ABS printed part. Also the extruder is still mounted on the X car. ABS printing is not fast, thus I had no reason to make the X car super light.

Lately I print more with PLA because it saves money.

Now I had a Reason to make a Hot End Mod for the Anet to make PLA printing possible again.

My goal was to make the X car as light as possible and to add cooling for the PLA.

So I made a Bowden setup and gave the X car two “snail house fans”. Also I skipped the cable holder and thigh ripped the cables of the X car to the Teflon Tube. And this worked super good :-) .

The Extruder is now mounted above the controller. Also I skipped the housing this printer once had.

Printing PET-G with cooling is another thing. If the object is small ore round it works well. But if the object is big and small warping is just around the corner :-) So for large objects that take the whole print bed I still prefer the old Anet Hot end mod I build for printing ABS.

If you think I forgot something or you have questions, feel free to ask :-)


Parts List:

2x Teflon tube holder clips tube 3 or 4 mm

Teflon tube 3 or 4 mm for 1.75mm filament

Linear bearings that came with the Anet A6 printer (2x LM8UU)

extruder driver gear (also came with the Anet printer)

Nema 17 as Extruder motor (also came with the Anet printer)

Spring for the extruder (also came with the Anet printer)

2x snail house Fan. (one came with the Anet printer)

1X Hot end (heat break cooling fins diameter 22.5mm x 26mm)

1X heater block heater and thermistor (came with the Anet printer)

1X Filament pressure wheel for extruder (came with the Anet printer)

1X 30x30mm Fan and holder for Hot End (came with the Hot End)

1X M4 hex key head x 6mm (came with the Anet printer)

2X M4x 45mm and nuts

5X M4x 20mm and 3 nuts

8X M3x 20mm and 5 nuts

4X M3x 10mm and 3 nuts

1X 80mm M3 treated rod and 6 nuts (but I used 2 M3x 40mm bolts instead of the rod in the picture)

In the picture I tried to make clear where the bolts and nuts have to go. On the Extruder the Telfon tubing is not drawn. Also the spring of the extruder is not depicted. Also 2 M3x 20mm bolts that mount into the stepper motor is not shown…. Time is a killer I guess :-)

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Extruder lever.stl
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car part1.stl
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fanduct left 1mm longer.stl
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teflon tub clip holder.stl
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Extruder Teflon tube holder holder.stl
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teflon tub clip holder holder.stl
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fanduct left.stl
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Extruder main body.stl
268 KB
y axis tension belt bracket.stl
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fanduct right 1mm longer.stl
195 KB
car part2.stl
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Extruder gland nut holder.stl
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Extruder Teflon tube holder holder part2.stl
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fanduct right.stl
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x axis tension belt bracket.stl
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