joystick for arrowkeys


This is a first of it's kind Jacob Mills original! This is a computer joystick that is used by attaching the joystick to the arrow keys with double sided tape for more responsive controls, or with velcro and tape so that you can remove the model. The latter is what I do since I use a laptop. The pictures with the model attached to the computer are of the first generation model before it was tweaked and added washers. 

Building: You will need some super glue to attach the cross bar together and the washers and that is about it.


Esun Grey 

temp: 230

Printer: Flying bear p190

print time: 10-15 minutes

infill: 10% doesnt really matter that is just what I used

no supports neccesary

Hopefully this helps get some high scores! enjoy!

Design Files

File Size

2.0 computer joystick stl.stl
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