modular longboard bumper with leds

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This is the modular long board bumper with leds. I created this because there was no cheap way to protect my long board from damage, so this was designed. I used 123d design to create the model. I printed this on a DIY flying bear 3d printer from china which is actually pretty good if you are in the market.

Layer height: .2 but you could go lower

Print time: about 4 hours

cooling: all fans on

Filament: shaxxon red

slicer: slic3r

rafts: yes

support: yes

infill: 10%

The way I designed this is so that it is universal due to the ball joints being able to rotate around the edge of the board. keep in mind this is a very crude model since my printer broke before I could make adjustments to the model. You will need to have some wiring ability since this deals with leds but if you want the easy out watch my video for my solution. Please enjoy my model!

and here is the link to my video: 

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modular long board bumper w led lights stl.stl
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