Edge tracing wheel.

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Summary This was one of my early designs, I've just tweaked it a bit. I've added a pen clamp instead of using rubber bands. Also added is a larger wheel in case it doesn't run freely This was made to use for tracing the edges of paper or wood etc to increase or reduce the dimensions, the wheel follows the edge and the pen marks the new line. Print all the parts, assemble as in the pictures (V groove in axle aligns in pen holder)it should be a good push fit, but glue if needed. Use split rings to secure wheel on axle. (use more split rings for more grip) The split rings slide to allow positioning of the wheel, the wheel is reversible if required I used Loom bands to secure the pen to the pen holder, but rubber bands work fine too. 0.2mm layer height 0.8mm walls (2 shells) 15% infill

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