Wheels & Tires: SimpleSumo Expansions



Official expansion package for the SimpleSumo Robots, as seen on Engineerdog.com & Instructables.com. 

This pack includes all the different wheel related expansions. 

Parts included :

  • Wheel- 30T (STANDARD)- This part was already free, included here for completeness. To be printed in ABS. 
  • Wheel- Doubler Insert - Allows you to connect two wheels together to make double wide wheels.To be printed in ABS. 
  • Wheel- Cone Insert -  A cone that presses into a wheel to deflect attackersTo be printed in ABS. 
  • Tire- Slick (STANDARD)- This part was already free FYI, included here for completeness. To be printed in Flex. 
  • Tire- V groove - Tire with V shaped grooves. To be printed in Flex.
  • Tire- Straight groove - Tire with straight shaped grooves. To be printed in Flex.
  • Wheel- Integrated Treads- A wheel with treads built in. To be printed in ABS.
  • TWEEL- A wheel to be printed entirely in Flex. (Print at 0% infill & 1 perimeter all sides)

Recommended Print Settings:

  • For all ABS Parts: 4  perimeters all sides top & bottom,  .3mm layers,  20% infill. No supports needed. My brand of choice is eSun ABS
  • For all Flex Parts: 100% Infill, .3mm layers. I recommend eSun eLastic material.

Design Files

File Size

3.3 MB
1.36 MB
344 KB
Tire- Slick.stl
465 KB
Tire- Straight Groove.stl
505 KB
Tire- V groove.stl
971 KB
Wheel- 30T Standard.stl
851 KB
Wheel- Integrated Treads.stl
1.16 MB


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