Blade Multi-Pack: SimpleSumo Expansions

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Official expansion package for the SimpleSumo Robots, as seen on & 

This pack includes the full variety of SimpleSumo blades. 

Parts included :

  • Blade- Straight 80 deg (STANDARD) -FYI This item is available free but is included here for completeness.
  • Blade- Pyramid out - Blade that seeks to push objects to the side.
  • Blade- Pyramid in - Blade that seeks to push objects towards the center.
  • Blade- Sharp edged - A blade with a steep angle but fitting in a tight package.
  • Blade- Marker Mount - Allows you to mount a dry eraser marker on the robot.
  • Blade- Penny Mass holding - Allows you to increase the weight of the robot with pennies.
  • Blade- Drop Over - Allows ('cover-servo expansion' required to use)
  • Blade- Long - Gives your robot a blade with a much steeper angle. 
  • Blade- Wide - Gives your robot more pushing area.
  • Blade- Side Detection - Allows your robot to detect when it is being pushed from the side. 

Recommended Print Settings:

  • All parts to be printed in ABS plastic.  4  perimeters all sides top & bottom,  .3mm layers,  20% infill.  No supports needed. My brand of choice is eSun ABS.

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