Rear Hatch Accessories: SimpleSumo Expansions



Official expansion package for the SimpleSumo Robots, as seen on & 

This pack includes all the different rear hatch & related expansions. 

Parts included :

  • Rear Hatch- Flat (STANDARD) - This part was already free, included here for completeness.
  • Rear Hatch- Marker Mount - Used to hold a marker or to tow objects. 
  • Rear Hatch- Servo Expansion - Used to hold a servo which can controll a gripper or a flipper.
  • Rear Hatch- Line Follower 1 - Mount for 5x edge sensors which turns your robot into a line follower.
  • Arm- Short grippers-  When used with the 'Rear Hatch- Servo Expansion' gives your sumo a gripper on the back.
  • Arm- Flipper Rear- When used with the 'Rear Hatch- Servo Expansion' allows your sumo to start in the vertical position. 

Recommended Print Settings:

  • All parts to be printed in ABS.  4  perimeters all sides top & bottom,  .3mm layers,  20% infill. The only part that requires supports is the "Rear Hatch- Servo Expansion". My filament of choice is eSun ABS.  I do not recommend PLA for this project.

Design Files

File Size

Arm- Flipper Rear ABS.stl
3.49 MB
Arm- Short Grippers ABS.stl
4.08 MB
rear Hatch-line_follower_2.stl
803 KB
rear Hatch-line_follower1.stl
1.17 MB
230 KB
rear Hatch- marker mount.stl
225 KB


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