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Thinking about the chemistry courses I had when I was student, I realized that were always used colors on models that represented molecules, and for people without vision, that's a problem.

From this, I developed this series of textured spheres, allowing the blind to feel the reliefs and quickly identify the type of atom being used, so that they can form the molecule to be studied and feel the shape it takes.

I can imagine this being printed in schools for the blind, to help chemistry teachers complete their lesson.

Here's a short demonstration video os this model in action:


Print Instructions:

It was designed for FDM printing, but of course in SLA printing you will get nicer and smoother objects. Depending on the tolerances of your printer you would want to scale down the connectors to maybe 99% so it fits nicely.  In my case I used the regular scale, cleaned up and sanded the ends a little bit, after printing the pieces.

I've prepared a file with all atoms and also splitted each atom in a different file so you can easily multiply the atoms as you want. You can also print each atom in a different color for organizing it better when storing them.

I recommend the following settings : 

  • 2 vertical perimeter shells
  • 3 top and bottom solid layers
  • 0,2mm Layer height
  • 10% infill 

Hope you like it and you find it very useful!

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