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I think that learning maths is very important because you need them during all your life, so i designed this board where you can place 5 ( the amout can be choosen by ajusting the lenght ) pieces with a number on them to do basic maths, but what is interesting about it , appart being simple, quick and easy to print, is that all of the pieces have the number and its traduction in braille so both blind and normal kids can learn numbers and maths easily. 

I realy hope you will like my design, it was very simple to make but i think that can be very usefull. I learned a lot making it, thank you for reading and good luck to all the participants !

I couldn't print the board because of adhesion problems ( i'm still new in 3D printing ) but is added all the files i printed (1,2,+,-  and the board)

Sorry if i made grammar mistakes, english isn't my native language ^^

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