A useful 3D-printed tripod (1/4-20 screw reqd) - UPDATED (July 3

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Summary Okay, so you own a camera and you want to take a steady video, a timelapse or a group photo, here's a quick 3D printable tripod! Also Daid has made a slick, really minimalistic 3D-printed Tripod. Check it out here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:24253 UPDATED July 31, 2014 Technically, this update has been sitting in my computer for some time now and a comment recently encouraged me to upload these files. You'll find that this version is a bit cleaner from the last and has key features like "leg stops" which prevent the tripod legs from spreading out too far, causing the tripod to fail under the weight of your camera. I also added the SolidWorks 2013 source files. Let me know if you would like any other modifications, happy to try and make changes accordingly! Happy printing and photographing (is that even a word?!? XD ) Instructions Destructions: Here's what you'll need in addition to 3D printed parts: 1) 1x 1/4-20x1.0" socket head cap screw. 2) 1x 1/4-20 tap drill (or you can muscle a screw in there maybe). 3) Optional: Download and print the BuddyGripper3D http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:35617 Don't want to look for these things? Order a BuddyGripper Tripod Production Kit here: http://buddygripper.com/product/tripod-3d-kit/ Next, download and print the referenced STL files in the quantities mentioned in the file name. Then snap everything into place, thread the hole for the 1/4-20 screw in the ballPivot and you're ready to go. This design was inspired by another tripod I saw selling for 13 Euros in Spain. So ridiculous that price. Let me know what you think!

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