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Summary Have you ever wanted to put your smartphone on a tripod? Or maybe you wanted to prop up your smartphone to watch a movie on a long flight. Well, now you can solve that problem with your very own BuddyGripper3D. Instructions The Destructions: 1) Print the BuddyGripper3D STL file. 2) Get the BuddyGripper3D production kit http://buddygripper.com/thingiverse/ 3) Wait for threaded insert and suction cup to arrive (sorry) 4) Assemble and enjoy! 5) (optional) print yourself a 3D Printable Tripod here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:33357 If you build yourself a BuddyGripper3D, tell us about it!! Follow us on Twitter @BuddyGripper http://buddygripper.com/product/buddygripper3d-production-kit/ Images: 1) BuddyGripper3D atop a black BuddyGripper 3D printed Tripod 2) The Family of 3D Printed BuddyGrippers and Tripods 3) BuddyGripper supporting the iPhone5 using a standard tripod

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