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Summary Don't you hate it when your table wobbles back and forth? You shove napkins under the feet, or a newspaper or whatever and it never works right. Now you can solve that problem. Download and print this nifty keychain that allows you to quickly and easily remove the wedge from your key ring, fix the wobbly table and be on your way to stability! :) The key feature is the quick snap, attach / remove clip so that you can quickly remove the wedge from your keys and fix the table (see the photo). Instructions Download the file, print the wedge, find a wobbly table, place it under the foot and baddabing baddaboom, you're stable!! Don't forget your wedge when you leave!! Oh heck, why not...you can print another one! Update: 22 Feb 2013

Added both Solidworks 2011 and Autodesk Inventor versions

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