5mm Tap Drill Chuck


Summary I got sick of using my Leatherman's pliers to hold my 1/4-20 Tap Drill, therefore I quickly designed a nice, ergonomically friendly chuck for 5mm square-ended tap drills. Simply take your 5mm square-ended tap drill, insert it into either side of the chuck and tap that piece...of plastic. Instructions Download and print this 5mm x 5mm tap drill chuck to make tapping whatever parts easy (useful for projects such as the 3D printed tripod: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:33357) I added stress concentration relief points so it should last you some time unless you're tapping stainless steel or some other harder metals. When I get around to learning OpensCAD, I'll make parametric files so you could easily scale this down to get a tap drill holder for smaller tap drills. Enjoy!

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