CS GO: Tec 9 (Functional Parts)

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The terrorist tec 9 from CS GO.  Made to have a working chamber and removable magazine. 4 quarter inch magnets are needed for the magazine and a half inch spring about 3 inches long is needed for the chamber. 

WARNING: Handle carefully to make sure others know it is a prop and not real


Pieces 1, 2, and 3 form one half and 4, 5, and 6 form the other. Put 1 magnet in the hole at the bottom of each half. Place the chamber into the cylindrical slot of the second half along with the spring. Glue on the first half, placing the protrusion of the chamber through the slot. Add the cover to the chamber protrusion. Put 2 magnets into the hole of the magazine and push it into the magazine slot of the gun. 

Design Files

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Tec 9 Clip Cover.STL
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Tec 9 Part 5.STL
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Tec 9 Part 1.STL
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Tec 9 Part 3.STL
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Tec 9 Part 2.STL
262 KB
Tec 9 Chamber.STL
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Tec 9 Part 6.STL
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Tec 9 Part 4.STL
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Tec 9 Clip .STL
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