Music Drop (Fixed Bits & Game Of Thrones Edition)

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I've been working on this print for a couple weeks now. I can understand why there are no posted makes (source) as I'm sure the success rate is almost nil. I repaired several of the models in Meshmixer and sharing. I'm also including the dragon egg version of the case. I had a gift idea recessing the drop inside a dragon egg and have it play a tidbit of the Game of Thrones intro. (disc included)

The result looks cool but I can't really make out the tune. Even at a very fine tip I couldn't get the original disc to come out very well so I recreated the notes inside Tinkercad with little bit better posts; unfortunately, I can only barely make out the tune. To strengthen the trigger posts and disc, I used a brush on super glue on the surface of which seems to work very well and keeps the trigger posts from breaking (which happened to me on the original design even with glue).

The instructions say to put the screws in from behind but for some reason the nuts dampened the tines. I also had to use a washer for a spacer instead of nuts since mine apparently are bigger (uhhh... that didn't sound right). LOL

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