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I love the novelty of the original Big StrawGlass, but it takes some lungs to draw some liquid goodness through all that straw. So, I've remixed it to provide a more "practical" spiral straw that still looks like the original, but easier to clean, quenches the thirst and provides a better drain at the bottom of the glass. In the picture above with two glasses, can you tell which one is the original?? 

Just so people don't complain, you should strongly consider using food-safe plastic. Since I can think of so many other things to worry about, I printed in ABS and even vapor-washed it cause I'm cRaZy like that.

Print Settings: 0.20mm at 20% infill works. The original calls for 100% infill. I'll leave that to your discretion. If you print in ABS, plan to vapor wash it; I can tell you that even at 100% infill you may experience leaking as ABS is notorious for layer de-lamination/cracking.

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