3D Printed (Sun) Glasses for Children

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This design is developed for 3D printing glasses/sun glasses for children (sizing approx.: 42 – 14.5 – 109 – 25). Note, the design can be scaled and reoriented for adult head sizes, which is featured in the images (if this is done, the lenses should be repositioned in the frames to ensure a fit). This design is meant to act as a contribution to making and donate to a global need. It is free for all and is meant to be utilized in developed and developing countries where 3D printing might enable the production of items that enhance the daily lives of many. This is meant to push the agenda for democratizing design and suggests/encourages designers to contribute beyond their own needs and desires.

Included in the design are the frames and the lenses. Each will need to be 3D printed to enable the manufacturing of functioning glasses (either prescription or not). The design is noted as sun glasses since the proper fitting of glasses with prescription lenses requires expertise outside of the designer’s skills. 3D print the lenses and these can be taken to any lens manufacturer, scanned and reproduced via CNC in actual lens material. If these services are not ready available, the 3D printed lenses can be sent to someone with that capacity, however prescription fitting puts the focal point of lenses in specific locations, be aware of that.

Please be cognizant of materials used in the making of glasses. Since these come in contact with the skin, ABS is an inappropriate material for functioning use since it’s composite anatomy are known toxins.

Design for good. Happy making. 

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