AFV 6x6 A.M.V.P. Mk.III(Chinchilla)

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This is a 1/72 scale model of a fictional AFV that I call the A.M.V.P. Mk.III (Armored Multiple Vehicle Platform) Code name "Chinchilla". The first file is the entire model; the following five files are the model broken up into sections of its parts.  I printed this model all in one file on standard resolution, using a support structure and on a raft. That being said, the hull really does needs support and the gun & axles will benefit from a raft and/or grid. I found it really difficult to remove the support structure around the wheels and it was not needed. I also have included the model split into sections as to reduce print area and to allow for custom settings on the individual files. The parts fit tightly, so filing and sanding will probably be necessary to allow all appropriate parts to move freely.

Features include...

Rolling Wheels

Rotating Turret

Elevating Gun

Multiple Gun Mounts      

Design Files

File Size

AMVP Mk.III A3(Chinchilla).stl
866 KB
AMVP Mk.III(Hull Bottom).stl
25 KB
AMVP Mk.III(Gun&Axels).stl
58.5 KB
AMVP Mk.III(Wheels).stl
595 KB
AMVP Mk.III(Hull Top).stl
102 KB
AMVP Mk.III(Turret).stl
84.9 KB


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