Mk.V (Okapi) A.M.V.P. fictional armored vehicle

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This is the A.M.V.P. Mk.V (code name Okapi).  This is the latest in the A.M.V.P. family of vehicles including the A.M.V.P Mk III Chinchilla; it has been redesigned to offer a support free print and a snap-together fit, eliminating the need for glue.  I designed it in Tinkercad and printed it using PLA plastic on a Makerbot 5th generation. Printer settings were as follows: temperature 275 degrees, extruder speed 90 mm per second,  infill 10%, layer height 0.2 mm. I used 2 shells.  To assemble the main body of the vehicle, use the flat H-shaped clip  to secure the two hull halves together tightly. The axles twist-lock into the wheels, and the long clips snap to the bottom of the hull securing the wheels and axles: the clips will only fit in one direction following the shape of the hull. The large turret is secured to the back of the vehicle using the rod with a hatch on the end: when the small square extrusion on the hatch is oriented to the side (either direction) the rod will fit through the top of the turret and the hull. To lock the turret in place, rotate the hatch, orienting the extrusion towards the back of the vehicle. To complete assembly of the main turret, push the barrel or extra gun mount into the space at the front of the turret (I found it easiest to point the barrel straight up and push down.)  To assemble the smaller, secondary turret, fit the small T-shaped pin through the base of the turret with the large flat end facing upward, then fit the small gun into the turret slot.  To secure the secondary turret to the front of the vehicle, fit the pin into the provided hole (turret will be oriented sideways to the vehicle) then turn the hull assembly forward to secure. Though the design is intended to for assembly straight off the printer bed, with lower resolution printing, some filing and sanding may facilitate better articulation of moving parts. Features include snap-together assembly, rolling wheels, rotating turrets, multiple elevating gun mounts and secondary turret options available in print. I hope that you enjoy playing with this newest model as much as I have!

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Mk.5 (Axels & Barrel) 4of7 .stl
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Mk.5 (Clips) 3of7.stl
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Mk.5 (Hull Back) 2of7.stl
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Mk.5 (Hull Front) 1of7 .stl
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Mk.5 (Small Turrets) 7of7.stl
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Mk.5 (Turret) 6of7.stl
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Mk.5 (Wheels) 5of7.stl
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