Klackers (aka Clackers, Ker-Bangers, Klick Klacks)

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Inspired by popular toy back in the 70s. My mother introduced these to me at a young age and now I want to pass this gem on to my kiddos.

Select one of the two provided STL files and print a pair. Find a string (shoestring works great) and thread through each ball. The original uses a keyring, but I'll leave that at your discretion how you want to complete the final assembly. I left my string fairly long so I can adjust length as necessary. I may add the holder/handle if there's an interest.

Print Settings: Can be any resolution. I set it to 0% infill but with 10 bottom & top layers with 10 shells. I don't feel they are heavy enough and if I reprint I would go for 50 shells to add some weight which makes them near solid. However, given the potential bruising the lighter ones I made will suffice. I used Taulman 618 Nylon.


I believe they are making a comeback, but I need to warn you they were pulled off the shelves due to the materials at the time had a tendency to explode if you "clacked" them hard enough. (source) I chose nylon to provide durability since the material is nearly indestructible. Understand the potential dangers and risks when selecting material.

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