Fan Shroud 40mm x 20mm Blower Style - Rostock Max

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I recently been trying the all-metal effector by 713Maker (basic kit with 38mm spacers and standard lock ring) which required me to revert back to stock fan shrouds. I had to figure a way to improve the cooling compared to the previous effector. Rather than continue propping a desk fan on some of those pesky PLA prints, I opted to increase the size of the fans from stock (for V2) 30x10mm blower fans to heftier 40x20mm blower fans (BPB4020M12). I'm really happy with the results so far enough to publish and share.

Print Settings: 0.20mm, 20% infill and supports recommended. I used Proto Pasta's Carbon Fiber. I designed it so there's minimal amounts of support - I had Simplify3D create support from build platform then I tweaked it a little - not really any internally was necessary by design. The fans fit snug enough it doesn't require glue or weight in screws.

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