SCX-10 II - Custom Build Parts (Work In Progress)


Custom Parts for SCX-10 II Build

This build is at Class 2 "Purpos Built" Spec Scaler. To start, I wanted to add a role cage to sit under the body. I used the SXC10-Honcho Rear cage for this part. I mounted the cage directly to the chassis with a specially designed mount. Then I created a Mesh with the STH Logo to help separate the drivers and passengers compartment. I've also added some rear tail lights with a bit of "armor" for the back panels.


Parts to build: 

1: Honcho Cage Mount (rear cage mount plate.stl) FREE 

2: Cabin Seperator (Cage Grate.stl) FREE 

3: Rear Tail Lights - 

4: Inner Fenders - 

5: Rear Body Mount (Velcro or Short Body Post) - 3x12mm machine screw, washer, and 3mm locknut (FREE)

6: Dash -

7: Tailgate Armor - courtesy of Greg Jones (FREE)

8: Roto Pax Rear Window Mount - courtesy of Greg Jones (FREE)

9: Roto Pax Fuel Can - 

10: Front Seats and Mount - (Mount Free)

11: Sunshade

Design Files

File Size

406 KB
Steering Wheel 3 Spoke.stl
1.26 MB
Drivers Seat Mount.stl
197 KB
Passenger Seat Mount.stl
197 KB
Rear Door Armor L Inner.stl
118 KB
Rear Door Armor Inner.stl
1.11 MB
Rear Door Armor Outer.stl
1010 KB
Rear Door Armor R Inner.stl
118 KB
Rotopax Side Window Mount - Left Greg Jones.stl
118 KB
Rotopak Side Window Mount - Right Greg Jones.stl
118 KB
rear body mount post.stl
244 KB
rear body mount.stl
79.6 KB
Cage Grate.stl
391 KB
rear cage mount plate.stl
5.38 MB


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