SCX-10 II - Custom Build Parts (Work In Progress)

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Custom Parts for SCX-10 II Build

This build is at Class 2 "Purpos Built" Spec Scaler. To start, I wanted to add a role cage to sit under the body. I used the SXC10-Honcho Rear cage for this part. I mounted the cage directly to the chassis with a specially designed mount. Then I created a Mesh with the STH Logo to help separate the drivers and passengers compartment. I've also added some rear tail lights with a bit of "armor" for the back panels.


Parts to build: 

1: Honcho Cage Mount (rear cage mount plate.stl) FREE 

2: Cabin Seperator (Cage Grate.stl) FREE 

3: Rear Tail Lights - 

4: Inner Fenders - 

5: Rear Body Mount (Velcro or Short Body Post) - 3x12mm machine screw, washer, and 3mm locknut (FREE)

6: Dash -

7: Tailgate Armor - courtesy of Greg Jones (FREE)

8: Roto Pax Rear Window Mount - courtesy of Greg Jones (FREE)

9: Roto Pax Fuel Can - 

10: Front Seats and Mount - (Mount Free)

11: Sunshade

Design Files

File Size

Cage Grate.stl
391 KB
rear cage mount plate.stl
5.38 MB
rear body mount.stl
79.6 KB
rear body mount post.stl
244 KB
Rear Door Armor Inner.stl
1.11 MB
Rear Door Armor L Inner.stl
118 KB
Rear Door Armor Outer.stl
1010 KB
Rear Door Armor R Inner.stl
118 KB
Rotopax Side Window Mount - Left Greg Jones.stl
118 KB
Rotopak Side Window Mount - Right Greg Jones.stl
118 KB
Passenger Seat Mount.stl
197 KB
Drivers Seat Mount.stl
197 KB
Steering Wheel 3 Spoke.stl
1.26 MB
406 KB


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