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I determined that using all four of the magnetic mounts on my Creator Bod 3D printer was causing the magnets to pull the plate into a slight warp making it impossible to level the bed. By using the front Two L-shaped brackets with the metal tabs removed from the front of the plate, the warp is now gone. I've included all four, I only used the front two. Installation: 1 - Remove the two tabs fixed to the front of the plate. 2 - Replace the two stock brackets with the two you just printed. (You may want to put a thin coat of rubber cement on the bottom of the bracket to keep it from rotation when leveling the bed.) 3 - Get a piece of thin double sided 3M tape (not foam tap). you will want one side to stick to the bracket and work the side towards the glass so that it's just tacky and doesn't ad here to the glass plate. This will eliminate any shifting of the glass plate. 4 - Level the bed and have fun!

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