SCX-10 II Cherokee Body Tail Lights w/Armor

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You can mount these in one of three ways: 1: double sided tape 2: shoe goo 3: 8x 2.5x6mm cap screws (drill holes in the body first) 

The light will hold 1x 5mm LED(Break) and 2x 3mm LED(Turn and Backup). LED's are to be fixed in place with hot glue to make them removable should the burn out. The exterior panel may not be used if you decide to glue or tape the inside in place.

NOTE: You must either mask off the light buckets before you paint, or remove the paint to allow the light to shine though. 

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Right Rear outer.stl
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Right Rear Inner.stl
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Left Rear Inner.stl
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Left Rear outer.stl
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