JD Models, RC4WD Hero - 6.5mm Suspension Lift

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This bundle includes the files needed to lift your Body on the Frame Rails. 

PRINT IN PETG, ABS or NYLON for best results.

This bundle will lift your Suspension 6.5mm front/Rear.

The Front Lift is achieved similarly to a leveling kit for a 1:1 pickup. You have two options, Print the Shock Spacer or Use the TEST file which will replace the stock upper arm mount/Shock mount. Both Methods work however the spacers require 8x 2x12mm hex screws to remount the shock to the stock hoop.

The Rear Lift Requires 4x 3x25mm Cap Screws to attach the rear spring lift. 

Design Files

File Size

6.5mm Lvl Spacer.stl
390 KB
TEST Left Shock Hoop.stl
496 KB
FL Spring Mount.stl
174 KB
FR Spring Mount (1).stl
174 KB
rear Hoop Drop.stl
77.6 KB
RL Shock Mount.stl
69.4 KB
RR Shock Mount (1) (1).stl
69.4 KB


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