SCX-10.2 Driver/Passenger Seat and Mount (KIT VERSION)

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This is a specifically modified seat and seat mount for the SCX-10.2. The seat mounts Bolt to the top of the skid with a 3x20mm screw. You will need a total of 4 - 3x20mm Cap Screws. The Seats screw to the mount with 2 - 2.5x8mm Machine Screws. The console mounts to the passenger seat then slips in place when mounted to the truck.

Print the mounts top down. The driver's seat need Supports, the passenger's Seat does not. The driver's seat will clear a standard brushed motor motor by about 2mm. Print the Console standing up on the back.

NOTE: There is a spot on the console to mount/glue the first aid kit from the scale Items Pack.

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D Seat.stl
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Drivers Seat Mount.stl
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Passenger Seat Mount.stl
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P Seat.stl
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Small Console Center.stl
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