Incognito R/C Body Mounts


This Incognito Mounts will allow mounting your RC body without drilling holes for a more scale look. 

You Need: 3/4in wide velcro and 2x 2x12mm hex, for each mount.

The correct mount is dependent on which body posts you use on your rig.

Axial 55mm - SCX-10 Front/Rear Axial 72mm - SCX-10.2 Front Axial 87.5mm - SCX-10 & SCX-10.2 Rear Ladder Mount Ascender 70mm - Front Ascender 87.5mm - Rear Ladder Mount SCX-10.2 Honcho Cage bolts to the honcho cage to allow for mounting the Jeep body to it without the rear ladder mount.

NEW: Traxxas TRX-4 Mounts

Design Files

File Size

Incognito AE Element 70mm.stl
379 KB
Incognito AE Element 87.5mm.stl
403 KB
TRX-4 71mm Front.stl
261 KB
TRX-4 81mm Rear Lader.stl
354 KB
TRX-4 51mm Front.stl
285 KB
TRX-4 51mm Rear.stl
363 KB
SCX-10.2 Honco Cage.stl
79.6 KB
Ascender 70mm.stl
420 KB
Ascender 87.5mm.stl
471 KB
Axial 55mm.stl
359 KB
Axial 72mm.stl
312 KB
Axial 87.5mm.stl
344 KB
Sakura D3 Front.stl
244 KB
Sakura D3 Rear.stl
261 KB
177 KB


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