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I saw another soldering aid that holds wires. I liked the concept, but it seemed a bit blocky and filament heavy, so I modeled my own in Onshape. It's tapered so you have more room on one side if need be. After showing a buddy this, he asked if I could make something to help him solder Deans connectors--very over- designed. So I made one --> Deans Connector Soldering Stand 


Printer: I300 Pro, Rafts: No, Supports: No, Resolution: 0.26mm, Infill: 10%,Notes: Testing out 3dxtech's new ASA filament. A lot like ABS but less smell and no warping so far. And UV resistant.

2 shells and printing @ 250ºC seems quite strong. Might want 3 shells for PLA.

With 10% infill, took a bit over an hour for my printer to make it.

ASA filament link:

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