Tourlitis Lighthouse

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Perched on a spindly rock spire in a Greek archipelago, the Tourlitis Lighthouse would make a perfect wizard's tower.  Now you can add a little magic in your home. This makes a great conversation piece whether it's in your bookshelf, curio cabinet or even on your coffee table! As with all 3D printable files we offer, you can scale this model prior to printing.  To make sure the maximum number of 3D printers have enough bed space to print this model and to ensure maximum printability, we've conveniently split it into two interlocking models.  As is, and joined, the model should be 142mm tall, 115mm in X axis and 133mm in Y axis.  We've tested this print at 250 and 200 microns with PLA, and it prints nicely.  Be sure to spend some time deciding how you want to lay out your supports to ensure easy removal! This file also works well for 2.5D CNC router carving.  

I also do custom model design.  Please contact us through our website if you would like to discuss a custom design

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