Key Turner/Plug Puller assistant device

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    Key Turner/Plug Puller assistant device is a very simple design and was created for people with disabilities or with lack of power for gripping objects.

     Converting this design in Key Turner ( adding 1 screw, 10x4mm ) will have better grip and turning leverage when using a key. Those with arthritis or carpal tunnel will find the key an extremely useful tool. The Key Turner's handle has two large finger holes for increased maneuverability.   

   Converting this design in Plug Puller it will features two holes that make it easy to gain leverage while unplugging plugs from the socket. The plug puller fits many different types of plugs,  Adding 2 pcs. of flanges will ensure that the plug will stay in place. 

    I recomend 100% infill ( printing time will be 40 min +/- )

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