Head wand for people with hands disabilities


   Head wands are very similar in function to mouth sticks, except the stick is strapped to the head. A person moves the head to make the head wand type characters, navigate through web documents, etc. Fatigue can be an issue when a lot of keystrokes are required in order to accomplish a task. Like my previos 3d model ( mouth stick ) could be printed with conductive filament and it could be use like any other STYLUS PEN/STICK.

   I designed this helmet so that you can add  Velcro strips and that way can be used for most people with various head sizes. 

    To make it more comfortable and less painful to carry the helmet can glue some sponge  strips inside. 

I recomend 100% infill to be more durable. 

Design Files

File Size

helmet screw.stl
1.65 MB
head wand helmet.stl
2.9 MB
first part wand.stl
856 KB
second part wand (pointer).stl
569 KB


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