Pinshape bicycle claxon from an old fishing rod bite alarm bell

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I've looked at all existing designs of all web pages 3d design and I have not found any design of a horn bike so looking for the things that I have at home and found an old Fishing Rod Bite Alarm Bell so I decided to design the horn myself and the best is that has the PINSHAPE LOGO. 

For this I have scrapped electronic components alarm gradually removing the speaker without damaging and keeping their support . As I have done with the support of the batteries . We have to change the actual alarm bite switch to a micro switch but keping the wire conection.

Component list:

1 piece of old fishing rod bite alarm bell

1 piece micro switch

1 glue gun to fix the micro switch inside the claxon case

Printing specifications:

Velocity- 0.30/sec

Infil- 30%

Support- yes

If you do not have a Fishing Rod Bite Alarm Bell in your home you can get it from here for 2.73$ and shiping free:

This is the video with 100% funcionality:

Enjoy this another weekend project.

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claxon biclycle cap.stl
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claxon biclycle case.stl
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claxon biclycle support.stl
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