Disposable Insect Trap

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Here is an clean and easy way to manage those pesky insect that are always buzzing around. All you need is any disposable cup! Fill the cup up with some sugar water or meat (depending on what you want to trap) and then you play the waiting game. Insects come in via the center funnel and then cannot escape. They then eventually fall in the water and drown.  Once you need to clean out the trap you just take off the lid and pour it out down a drain or into the garden.

The trap can be scaled up and down to match any sized cup and will clip onto the lip of the cup with the inbuilt teeth. You can also run some string or twine through the other 'aroma holes' to hang the trap up somewhere. Print this model as many times as needed to create cheap and simple pest management around the home.

Note : Please be careful when handling the cup full of liquid and always lift by bottom of the cup, not the lid. The lid is in no way sealed and should not be stored anywhere that water damage could occur.

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