Cymon CyBot posable robot toy


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Cymon is my mascot and logo for my 3D design work. I made a posable robot toy and in the process invented a connector that is sturdy but easy to use and prints well on home FDM printers. Then I made a generic posable robot toy, and then I went back and make the original Cymon compatible with the generic set as a first expansion.

Recommended Print Settings: Print in PLA with a fan and no supports or raft for any part if oriented as shown. Fine layers is of course preferable, but any layers will work.

To insure proper fit it is recommended to test by printing on ly the small ball and joint piece  and print 2 of them, then see if they snap together easily. If they do not you should adjust your filament flow rate. if they're too tight lower the flow rate slightly, if they're too loose raise it slightly.

During assembly it is recommended to glue the shoulder and hip joints into the hips and torso holes before attaching the rest of the parts. After connecting the ball and joint parts the first time, hold them firmly and rotate them in their joint fully to rub down any burs.

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