OpenR/C Speed Boat Accessory

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This is my entry for the OpenR/C Accessory Design Contest.

I designed some parts to transform this nice Formula 1 car (made by Daniel Noree) into a speed boat.

These parts are included:

  • paddle_wheel.stl (print two fo them with support for the inner spokes of the rim)
  • rudder.stl (both rudder are in this file / print them with support from build platform only)
  • floating_tank_left.stl (print with the nose/front down, like in the last picture - no support)
  • floating_tank_right.stl (print with the nose/front down, like in the last picture - no support)

The tanks have cavities inside, so don't print them with support, they won't swim. Print the tanks with minimum 3 shells to get them watertight, but keep in mind that they get heavier. The rudder and the wheels should be printed with 3 shells to make them stable.

If you want to use this speed boat with electronics you have to get them watertight, for example with some watertight housings. I don't have the electronics, so I can't test this.

I hope you like it. If you print these parts, please upload some photos, thanks.

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