Open rc f1 Sand & Snow .

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Driving  in deep sand or snow a problem??

Well not anymore with this new sand and snow setup.

I designed a set of front ski's and skid bumper that will enable

 your front end to glide over sand and snow and still be able to steer.  

ski's use original wheel bearings.

Next I slightly modified the existing Open R/C Formula 1  rear chassis created by Daniel Noree

To except the new sand and snow paddle tires.

They are  designed to fit the original F1 rims or any of My race rims

These new paddle tires will blast you across sand and snow with the greatest of ease.

while shooting rooster tails like a mad man..great for sand drag racing 

 --Printing --

--ski's and bumper--

recommend --abs / petg / nylon

layer height 0.20

infill -- 60%

supports -- Yes.


Recommend -- ninjaflex

Layer height 0.25

speed -- 25 mm/s

infill 15% triangular 

temp  220

retraction  1.00

retract speed 0.20

supports-- no

Design Files

File Size

rear chassis modified.stl
2.88 MB
sand tire.stl
1000 KB
sand tire mirrored.stl
1000 KB
snow tire.stl
1.08 MB
snow tire mirrored.stl
1.08 MB
skid bumper.stl
7.46 MB
short ski left.stl
15.4 MB
short ski right.stl
2.8 MB
tall ski left.stl
18.6 MB
tall ski right.stl
3.38 MB


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