Star Wars Jedi Interceptor

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Summary I always liked their fighter from Star Wars Episode 3, so I thought I would give a go at trying to make it solidworks. I have inculded the fighter with wings closed and wings open (both having an option with R2D2 in it, or not). Did not make it too big due too many 3D printers do not have a large build table. But I will add a scaled up version just in case. 10/20/14 - I have now included the Hyperdrive Dock for the Interceptor. It Should be able to allow the ship to slide in an sit in the dock. I have not tried it yet, so let me know what you find out. I will be adding more files to come...such as color, and a stand (for both wings closed and open). So keep posted, and I will let you know when I have added the next round of files. UPDATE: I guess this is what I get for using inches instead of the metric system. My files on thingiverse appear to be super small, since I created them in inches on solidworks i saved them in inches when i made the STl file. However, PLEASE let me know if you would like a larger file and i will change the settings for the STL and upload the new file and have a new extension on the file name to tell the difference between the two files. Hope you enjoy...and may the mass times acceleration be with you!

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