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Summary Wanted to create a way to have my GoPro float in the pool or down the river with me. That is why I found a kick board to then make a mount to screw onto it. Once I get it in the pool/river I will post more pictures. Check down below for more info. Enjoy!! How I Designed This Design I made the holes on the mount 0.215" making the hole actually about 0.20" once printed, so just get screws that will be able to match that spacing will work. With the foam of the kick board being thick/dense, the screws will allow you to also flip the board over to without it falling off. I also made a version with/without a hook on the front so you can tie a rope to the front, or back, of it so you can tie the board in one spot or pull it along with you. The first print that I did, it worked out great. However, the spacing for the part that holds the GoPro is a tiny bit too loose and does not hold it in place as well as I hoped. So I am just going to try and add some thin and tacky stuff on the inside of one the gaps to try and hold the GoPro more still, but I WILL be adjust the file to make it a better fit directly from printing it. I will update the files and let you all know when the new files are uploaded.

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