open rc f1 racing rims pack

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Whats a better way to customize your ride than a new set of rims

here are 8 sets of custom rims for your Formula 1 car.. 

rims v4 and up were  designed with two colors in mind. 

start  to print the back half in one color 

then switch filament color to print the front half  to give a cool effect..

supports yes ( from build plate only)

Design Files

File Size

F race rim v8_fixed.stl
1.54 MB
F race rim v6_fixed.stl
890 KB
R race rim v4_fixed.stl
1.2 MB
R race rim v8_fixed.stl
1.83 MB
R race rim v3_fixed.stl
1.71 MB
F race rim v1_fixed.stl
762 KB
R race rim v1_fixed.stl
1.03 MB
F race rim v2_fixed.stl
1.2 MB
R race rim v2_fixed.stl
1.49 MB
F race rim v3_fixed.stl
1.01 MB
F race rim v4_fixed.stl
854 KB
F race rim v5_fixed.stl
1.1 MB
R race rim v5_fixed.stl
1.39 MB
R race rim v6_fixed.stl
1.16 MB
F race rim v7_fixed.stl
1.24 MB
R race rim v7_fixed.stl
1.54 MB


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