A burgeoning capsule Planter

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A burgeoning capsule Planter  (monochrome version)

A beautiful flower pot by GRAVITYSHAPES permeated with a organic double wall voronoi outside shell. This wonderful art decor is also ideal as a gift and as decoration everywhere an eye-catcher! 

There are two version available. One with a small an one with a larger pot. 

Color version: monochrome (One-part object: The pot is fixedly attached to the outer voronoi-shell.)

Pot version: small and large 

Original size: 11.7 x 8.7 x 11.3 cm (can be scaled)

Note: Test before planting, if the pot/vase is waterproof. Depending on the material and printing, the pot may not be waterproof. In this case, the pot can inside coated with a suitable lacquer. Or simple glue a pvc-foil in.

Printing: I have printed it with 5 layers and the pot was waterproof.  I used 1-1,5 cm raft for a good stand during the printing process. Printed without support. (The black and the white are printed by Shapeways)

About the Photos: Own 3D-print of the 2-color version* with Wood (outside) and brown PLA (pot). The wood outside was not cleaned, so that remains a rough natural look. You can print it more precise like the rendering images. 

* Here is the two-color (two parts) version available:  https://pinshape.com/items/25606-3d-printed-a-burgeoning-capsule-planter-2-colorpart-version

More Information about this 3D-Object: https://gravityshapes.com/en/d...


If you have no 3D-printer, you can buy a printed copy here:



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