A burgeoning capsule Planter (2-color/part version)


A burgeoning capsule Planter with separate Pot (2x 2-part versions)

 A beautiful flower pot from GRAVITYSHAPES permeated with a organic double wall voronoi outside shell. This wonderful art decor is also ideal as a gift and as decoration everywhere an eye-catcher! 

This 2-part versions allow you to print the outside shell and the pot separately in two different colors or materials.  So as depicted in the photos.

There are also two versions of this 2-parts available. One with the small an one with the larger pot. 

Color version: 2-color/parts 

Pot version: small and large 

Original size: 11.7 x 8.7 x 11.3 cm (can be scaled)

Note: Test before planting, if the pot/vase is waterproof. Depending on the material and printing, the pot may not be waterproof. In this case, the pot can inside coated with a suitable lacquer. Or simple glue a pvc-foil in.

Printing: I have printed the pot with 5 layers and he was waterproof. For both parts, I used 1-1,5 cm raft for a good stand during the printing process. Printed without support.

About the Photos: Own 3D-print of this 2-color versions with Wood (outside) and brown PLA (pot). The wood outside was not cleaned, so that remains a rough natural look. You can print it more precise like the rendering images. 

For more printing tips and information about this GRAVITYSHAPES 3D model visit: 




If you have no 3D-printer, you can buy a printed copy here:



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