Mazda 787B 3d Printed RC Car

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Whenever I build a car, I have to be inspired by something. The Mazda 787B, winner of 1991 24 Hours of Lemans and Group C car, has always captured my eye. With its low slung look, huge rear wing sitting far behind the car, the deep dish Volk rims, and the iconic Renown Livery, it's a sight to behold. Ever since I started making RC cars, I dreamed of making this car. 

The 1:10 version, is 3d printed in Solutech PLA, shown in bare 3d printed finish and bolted together to form the multicolor paint scheme. The Rims are two piece rims with the front rims having the addition of the white cover that can be added to recreate the historic nature of the car. The Chassis uses a panhard style rear suspension with rear pod and Tamiya F104 rear axle. 

I designed and tested the car in Fusion 360.

Manual and Parts List included.


I hope that this 3d RC car can inspire and encourage people to go out and push the limits. 

Videos of the real car, so you can understand the stunning allure of the Mazda 787B.

Design Files

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endplate (left).stl
19.5 KB
vent left.stl
30.3 KB
green side left.stl
9.07 KB
right dome green.stl
366 KB
silver outlet duct (right).stl
133 KB
orange front left.stl
1.32 MB
135 KB
wing support.stl
90.6 KB
green front right.stl
481 KB
green side right.stl
9.26 KB
exhaust left.stl
526 KB
endplate (right).stl
19.5 KB
846 KB
silver back.stl
344 KB
rear screw holder.stl
832 KB
left window.stl
93.9 KB
servo arm extension.stl
348 KB
headlight cover (left).stl
92.6 KB
green rear.stl
72.2 KB
rear fender right.stl
469 KB
rear fender left.stl
436 KB
rear motor cage.stl
2.52 MB
steering rack.stl
1.28 MB
Floor B.stl
166 KB
Floor A.stl
105 KB
lower suspension arms.stl
115 KB
402 KB
servo holder.stl
293 KB
battery brace.stl
427 KB
200 KB
105 KB
damper mount.stl
182 KB
headlight cover (right).stl
88.1 KB
front rim cover.stl
361 KB
rim face (rear right).stl
636 KB
vent support mirror.stl
3.21 KB
wing support b.stl
2.62 KB
right window.stl
93.9 KB
black nose.stl
93.9 KB
wing inner support.stl
63 KB
green left B.stl
2.82 KB
green right small.stl
2.82 KB
silver outlet duct (left).stl
130 KB
orange front right.stl
1.33 MB
exhaust right.stl
526 KB
switch holder.stl
10.4 KB
rim face (front).stl
795 KB
rim face (left rear).stl
758 KB
taillight pattern.stl
26.8 KB
headlight for led.stl
149 KB
motor front brace.stl
2.6 MB
rear middle deck.stl
1.11 MB
upper suspension arms.stl
959 KB
Floor C.stl
163 KB
lower brace.stl
64.6 KB
front suspension stand.stl
49.8 KB
rim barrell (front).stl
421 KB
outer rim (rear).stl
402 KB
vent support.stl
3.21 KB
rear duct.stl
601 KB
rear wing.stl
48.3 KB
vent right.stl
30.3 KB
green front left.stl
440 KB
left dome green.stl
358 KB


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