Gorbo 2 tankoped

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Tankoped - a mech and tank combined - designed for infantry support.

Details include: commanders cupola, gunner's periscope, driver's view port, main cannon, coaxial mg, gun mantle, leg greeblies, towing rings, exhaust and cooling vents

Turret rotates 360°, cannon swivels up and down, legs are on ball joints. assembly video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvtIeQRPzrc&featu...

PRINTING INSTRUCTIONS: . Insert balls into sockets with side to side rocking action - pliers recommended. Some sanding might be required depending on your printer. 0.2mm layer height.

  • Gorbo2 GUN_socket.STL                   -print 1x 20%infill
  • Gorbo2 HIP_armor.STL                      -print 2x 20%infill
  • Gorbo2 HIP_ring.STL                           -print 2x 20%infill
  • Gorbo2 HIP_socket.STL                     -print 2x 20%infill
  • Gorbo2 HULL.STL                                 -print 1x 20%infill
  • Gorbo2 KNEE_socket.STL                -print 2x 20%infill
  • Gorbo2 LEG_armor.STL                     -print 2x 20%infill, supports needed
  • Gorbo2 LEG_lower.STL                      -print 2x 20%infill
  • Gorbo2 LEG_upper_left.STL           -print 1x 20%infill, supports needed
  • Gorbo2 LEG_upper_right.STL         -print 1x 20%infill, supports needed
  • Gorbo2 TURRET_.STL                         -print 1x 20%infill
  • Gorbo2 BALL_base.STL                      -print 3x 40%infill
  • Gorbo2 FOOT.STL                                 -print 2x 40%infill
  • Gorbo2 GUN_ball.STL                         -print 1x 20%infill
  • Gorbo2 GUN_barrel.STL                   -print 1x 20%infill
  • Gorbo2 GUN_mantle.STL                 -print 1x 20%infill

Design Files

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Gorbo2 GUN_socket.STL
149 KB
Gorbo2 HIP_armor.STL
503 KB
Gorbo2 HIP_ring.STL
214 KB
Gorbo2 HIP_socket.STL
84.1 KB
895 KB
Gorbo2 KNEE_socket.STL
191 KB
Gorbo2 LEG_armor.STL
811 KB
Gorbo2 LEG_lower.STL
260 KB
Gorbo2 LEG_upper_left.STL
632 KB
Gorbo2 LEG_upper_right.STL
633 KB
884 KB
Gorbo2 BALL_base.STL
155 KB
476 KB
Gorbo2 GUN_ball.STL
125 KB
Gorbo2 GUN_barrel.STL
51 KB
Gorbo2 GUN_mantle.STL
114 KB


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