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Batman's Batbot is fully prepared to take on Superman! It's retroreflective shield bounces Superman's heat vision back at him. The kryptonite crystal in the laser prevents Superman from getting close and powers the laser. If superman throws a building at Batbot, it can use the jets on his back to dash away. Ball joints for articulation Printed at 0.2mm Supports are necessary for some parts 20-40% infill use pliers to put balls in sockets. Insert the balls with a back and forth rocking action.

  • Batbot kyrptonite crystal.STL                  print 1x
  • Batbot limb.STL                                                 print 3x  
  • Batbot double socket.STL                           print 3x
  • Batbot hand.STL                                               print 1x
  • Batbot retroreflective shield.STL          print 1x
  • Batbot foot.STL                                                print 2x
  • Batbot assembled.STL                                  don't print - for viewing only
  • Batbot ball.STL                                                 print 5x
  • Batbot socket.STL                                          print 5x
  • Batbot body.STL                                             print 1x
  • Batbot laser heat sink.STL                       print 1x
  • Batbot laser.STL                                             print 1x

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Batbot laser.STL
1.67 MB
Batbot laser heat sink.STL
364 KB
Batbot body.STL
807 KB
Batbot socket.STL
159 KB
Batbot ball.STL
205 KB
Batbot assembled.STL
7.93 MB
Batbot foot.STL
616 KB
Batbot retroreflective shield.STL
44 KB
Batbot hand.STL
172 KB
Batbot double socket.STL
272 KB
Batbot limb.STL
172 KB
Batbot kyrptonite crystal.STL
1.25 KB


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